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How to restore lost bots

Register on & grab a free Portal from Buildables HQ vendors. Make sure to rez your FREE portal somewhere that will allow the amount of bots you want to bring back. Once registered you will be able to return any lost bots yourself without having to wait for the Buildables Team. Make sure when you register that you use your SL name exactly as it is written and not your display name so for instance Aries Westland not Bill Dabbles or the database will not know who you are and you will not be able to manage your bots. Once on the website find the My Bots tab and click it, there you will find a list of bots that are missing, if any and ones lost in a pod, if any and finally, your total bots. Find the bots you want to return and tick the check-box to the left of it then click the circle left of either secondlife or emilac, depending upon where you want to send the bot/s, once you’ve done that click the Return Bots button and watch your portal inworld as they appear from it. To confirm the operation was successful the web-page will show you a list of what was returned and any errors, if any.

Comment recuperez vos robots perdu

Inscrivez-vous sur et prenez un portail gratuit au magasin général BUILDABLES HQ. Assurez-vous de rez votre portail gratuit dans un endroit avec assez de prims disponibles pour le nombre de robots que vous souhaitez ramener. Une fois enregistré, vous serez capable de récupérer les robots perdus sans l’aide de l’équipe Buildables. Assurez-vous lorsque vous vous inscrivez que vous utilisez votre nom exact de connexion SL comme il est écrit et non votre nom d’affichage de sorte que par exemple Aries Westland pas Bill Dabbles ou la base de données ne saura pas qui vous êtes et vous ne serez pas en mesure de gérer vos robots. Une fois sur le site web de mybuildables trouver l’onglet My Bots et cliquez dessus, vous y trouverez une liste des robots qui manquent le cas échéant et ceux perdus dans le portail si c’est le cas, et enfin, le nombre de vos robots au total. Trouvez les robots que vous souhaitez retourner et cochez la case à gauche de celui-ci puis choisissez en cochant Secondlife où Emilac suivant l’endroit où vous voulez envoyer le/s robot /s, une fois que vous avez suivi ces étapes cliquez sur le bouton RETURN et regardez votre portail inworld, vous verrez apparaitre les robots. Pour confirmer que l’opération a réussi, la page internet vous montrera une liste des robots qui sont revenus et toute erreur, le cas échéant.



1: Rez a “building pod”=  A starter building pod starts with 10 possible builds…..but the starter pods will rez your first 2 bots taking that count now down to 8 builds left.  When a building pod hits 0 builds left, you will need a new pod system to build anymore bots.  Your bots will then immediately get to work and start mining!  Do Not move the pod after rezzing until the starter bots have been built and start mining.

a) The bots stats are as follows:

1: Level  — Speed (level will be 1/2 or “1 of 2” to start) ( speed is how fast compared to standard that bot will mine) New levels and bots can be obtained by building.

2: Power (Bots lose power throughout the day just as in real life but will go get power as needed from a power source) Your bot will die in about 16-17 hours if he does NOT have sufficient Power!  There is an endless supply available so make sure you have enough POWER!

3: Oil (Bots will rust without sufficient oil, and they will also get oil as needed from the available oil sources) Your bot will die in about 16-17 hours if he does NOT have sufficient Oil!  There is an endless supply available so make sure you have enough OIL!

4: XP or “experience points” (XP is obtained by getting oil, power, and BUILDING) When XP hits 100%, it levels your bot up! Upgrade crates are available for a boost.
5: Steel
6: Alloy
7:  Silver
8:  Gold

:  (These are the materials bots mine for and are needed to have the ability to build new bots.  When at least ONE or more material has reached 100% and you have a similar bot at 100% of one or more materials, you can now send those 2 similar bots to a building pod to build a new bot!   Some of the materials are obviously harder to get like silver and gold, therefore making them more valuable when building.

The higher level/XP a bot is, and the more materials he has mined…the better chance you have for getting rare and new level bots.  All levels will have new bots added, meaning….even an old “2/2” bot has the ability to get new rares and variants and even NEW bots!  Wooohoo!!!


Your land parcel has a UUID (call it a fingerprint) that the bot rezzed knows as its “home”.  If you join land parcels, you are now changing that parcels UUID and the bots known “home’ position.  If you plan on joining land parcels, you WILL need to crate your bots, and then re-rez them when the parcel is joined!

2: POWER= Simply rez a power source ON THE SAME PARCEL near (or within 100 meters max) of your bots so the bots can get power when needed.  There will be different sizes of power.  Example: A small battery might keep a bot alive for a week.  A larger power source can keep the same bot alive for much longer.  The more bots you have, obviously the more power you will need.  If a bot gets to “0” power….he will go OFFLINE basicly deactivating your bot and he will then no longer mine, or have the ability to build!  Make sure you have plenty of power for your bots!

3: OIL= Simply rez an OIL source ON THE SAME PARCEL near your bots so they can get oil as needed.  There are also different sizes of oil as well, and there are THREE stages of rust that can happen to your bot.  At 75% OIL he will then start to rust, and will immediately look for an oil source.  If there are none available, he will continue to rust further at 50%, then again at 25%, and if he reaches “0”, he will also go OFFLINE.  Make sure you have enough oil for your bots so they can mine for you!

IMPORTANT!!!   If your Power or Oil is not on the same parcel as your bots, they will NOT be able to get power/oil!

MEDIBOTS= A medibot is used to fix bots that have died due to lack of Power or oil.  Medibots can be built by you the builders but are also available from the vendor!  Medibots are a ONE TIME ONLY USE meaning they can only fix 1 dead bot.  Touch the dead bot and click “REPAIR”,  the “medibot” will go to this dead bot, and repair him with 50% oil and 50% power. He will then disappear.


1: Once you have 2 similar bots (such as a Rolly+Rolly Chrome) simply touch the RED Area of  “POD 1” in the center of the pod, you will be prompted to touch a bot & send it to the pod, a blue dialogue menu will pop up with an option to “GO POD”.  Click “GO POD” and the bot will go to “POD 1”.  Repeat this for the similar bot to send to “POD 2”.  Once both bots have gotten to the building pods……BAM….. on “POD 3”, the 2 bots will BUILD you a new bot! The building process takes about 3 minutes.


1:  There are 2 major kinds of bots.  A regular size, and a “Mini”.   Any 2 similar bots can build a “MINI” BUT……..only “MINIS” can build with minis!  EXAMPLE:  “Rolly+Rolly Mini” would NOT be allowed.  “Rolly Mini Fire+Rolly Mini Chrome” WOULD be allowed.  This creates an instant reason for a secondary market, helping you…the users, trade, buy and sell bots for building!

2: When you send 2 bots to a pod to build….as stated before they will need AT LAST 100% of Steel or more.  After building the new bot, they will now GAIN 25% XP points!  But they will now lose ALL the materials gathered.  They will also lose 25% OIL, as well as 25% Power needed for the building process.  They will then go looking for power & oil!

3: When a bots level has maxed out, EXAMPLE: 4/4, that is the highest level he can go….BUT he can continue building when he gets more materials!

(each maxxed level with 100% materials achieved is = 1000 buildscore points)

4: If you made a mistake and sent 2 bots that are not similar to the pods…the pods with then eject those 2 bots from the pods with a message of “these bots do not match, ejecting”.


The bots will all be limited to certain quantities, but new lower/medium/higher level bots will also be added randomly into the database creating NEW bots in all levels!  This will generate reasons for users to keep lower level bots on hand to buy/trade/sell.


1: A bot MUST be crated to sell/put into inventory.  Simply rez a “crate”, touch it and you will be asked to then touch a bot to send to the crate.  NOW touch the bot… the blue dialogue menu click MORE, then “GO CRATE”… The bot will then go to the crate….de-rez himself, and he will put himself into the crate!  The bots stats will then be shown above the crate for all to see!  You can now take the “crate” into your inventory, or set for sale.  When a crate is in your inventory, it actually provides the name of the type of bot in the crate for easy access to organizing your inventory.  Your bot will NOT lose power or OIL in your inventory!


Rez the crate, then touch the crate to get the blue dialogue menu.  Click “YES OPEN” to rez your bot.


Did I mention the bots can TALK TO YOU!?!?  😉  This next section explains how to do that as well as the other current menu options for your bots.

BOT VERSION ID# can be found in the description of the bot.
Most recently updated bots should all be version v1.8


1: CHAT=This option allows the ability to turn on or off the bots chat features!  When you click “chat”, you will then be asked to either turn “chat on” or “chat off”.  When turning your bots chat feature “ON” you can now talk to your bots and they will respond to over 120,000 phrases!  The bots will and can learn from past conversations!

2: SOUND=This allows you the ability to turn the random bots sounds on or off.

3: HOVER TEXT= This turns your bots hovertext on or off.

4: RECYCLE= This sends your bot to the OPTIONAL recycling machine accessory.  This feature will basically then kill your bot, but, you will receive random products/gifts/prizes……that you can sell!   This recycler can be worth its weight in gold down the road when you get free oil, power, upgrade crates and much much more from it for recycling bots!

5: ROAM DISTANCE= This adjusts the distance a bot will “roam” to mine for materials.  EXAMPLE: Setting the distance to “5 meters” will allow your bot to roam within a 5 meter square  from the “home position” setting.

6: RENAME= This feature allows you to personalize your bot by naming him!   Simply click “rename’ then type the desired name into local chat and your bot will now have the personalized name of your choosing!  This personalized “name” will NOT appear in the hovertext above a crate.

7: SET HOME= This feature sets your bots “home position”.  Simply place YOUR AVATAR where you want the bots home position set….THEN click “Set home”.  Your bot will then know that is its new home position, and will go to that area and start mining within its allowed roam distance. ( all axis are affected)

8: POWER= This can MANUALLY send a bot to a power source for more power.  Sending a bot to your power source continually will NOT level the “XP” up.  The “XP” will go up 1% after each 25% points of power obtained.

9: OIL=  This can MANUALLY send a bot to an OIL source for more OIL.  Sending a bot to your OIL source continually will NOT level the “XP” up.  The “XP” will go up 1% after each 25% points of power obtained.

10: REPAIR=This option will allow the owner of the bot to repair their bot using a Medibot.  Once you use a Medibot to repair, the Medibot will self delete.

11:FOLLOW=This option will allow the owner to choose a bot to follow them around whilst building, the roam distance can be set also to make them stay closer and if you leave it behind it will message you and continue to roam from where you left it.

12: RETIRE= This option will “retire” a bot making him unavailable to mine or build any longer and will no longer cost you Oil or POWER.  He can then be “stopped” so he doesn’t move, and you can now proudly display your favourite collectable BUILDABLE!  Retired Bots CAN be sold through a crate and will clearly be shown for the buyer to see that he is “retired”.

13: ALERTS=This option will allow the owner of the bot to monitor low levels of power and oil (use of endless oil and power facilities makes this obsolete).

14. PARTICLES= This option will toggle the particle effects for certain bots.

15:GO-POD=This option becomes active when used with a pod system to allow your bot to build with another.

12. GO CRATE= This option will only be available after an empty packing “crate” has been touched.  This option will then send your bot to the packing crate.  Please be patient and let the bot finish his movements and then he will go to the crate ask told.  Do NOT pick up a crate before the bots stats have become available and visible.

Please be aware that:

1: Buildables creators are not in any way liable for any loss due to purchase of an un-official BUILDABLES product.

2: We are not liable in any way for any loss due to a secondary market change in value due to bot quantities/”values”.

3: We will not participate against our BUILDABLES users in any secondary market therefore will have no affect on said secondary market.

4: We are not liable for a lost item due to improper user actions!!

5: We are not liable for loss of bots/products due to return by a land manager or Second Life “Linden”.  Please make sure you rent land from a trusted renter!

6: We place no value on bots, therefore hold no liability in secondary market sales of bots/products of the BUILDABLES system.

7: We reserve the right to terminate the BUILDABLES system and products at any time.

8: We reserve the right to delete or terminate any users bot at will if we find that user has knowingly tried to abuse the system or cheat it in any way.

9: In certain circumstances, we may look at a situation and determine if there is sufficient cause for a non working product, we will replace said product after a thorough investigation finds we were at fault.

10: We do understand real life takes precedence to “Second Life” at ALL times.  In certain situations, after thorough investigation, we may or may not replace lost/broken items due to certain real life situations.

11: Not supplying your bots with enough power or oil to keep them alive is in no way the fault of Buildables creators therefore we hold no liability in loss of product due to user error.

Loss of bots due to land manager return is in no way the fault of the “BUILDABLES” system creators.   We do understand this may happen from time to time.  But please realize this is in no way due to a faulty product. Our time is just as valuable as yours and it does take time to replace bots lost in this manner!  We are now instituting a non-negotiable “restocking fee” effective immediately and this works as follows….

1-10 bots……………$1000L
11-20 bots…………$2000L
21-30 bots………….$3000L
30-40 bots………… $4000L
41-50 bots………….$5000L
51-100 bots……….$7500L
101-more bots….$10,000L

We do hugely appreciate your support of this and all our products and ask that you PLEASE be respectful to the “BUILDABLES” users and community!

We thank you again!
Batrastard Panthar R.I.P.
Shane Nielson
Aries Westland




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