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Pod Competition

Buildables new pod competition closed

The process is as follows:  

2 People decide to use the pod, one pays the fee, the one who paid rezzes a crate near the pod and the pod grabs the crate then waits for each person to click the pod of their choice.

Once a pod is clicked the pod will then wait for a bot from that person and then they will build 1 new bot dependant upon buildscore and put it in the supplied crate.


Pod Competition is now closed.

The winner is Gatadoida Ghost with the name The Omega Pod.

Gata wins the first pod system .

On behalf of Shane and myself congratulations and TY to all who entered

You all made it so hard but fun to choose a name.

All New Bot On The Grid !!

Display crate Screamer BlingScreamer Bling is the scariest bot on the grid.

Try not to be too scared by him.

New SpareParts

Display crate Spare Parts Fire

Display crate Spare Parts Gold 1of100

Display crate Spare Parts Ice

3 New SpareParts for you to build with but take note of the build levels & for all you collectors of fire, ice and gold, these are for you 🙂 enjoy

New Festive Bot

Display crate Christmas Eve 1of100

So Rolly has a partner as we go into the festive season in the form of Christmas Eve 1 of 100. Many of you have loved Eve since her creation so what better way to celebrate her than to Christmasify her, (is that even a word?). She a max level 8 bot and only breeds with other Eve’s not Rollys. Happy building guys and gals.

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