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How do we remove a “used” medibot, off the list of our bots on the website?

It has been used and disappeared, but still shows existing on the list.

How do we know how many points each bot has?

It says for an accumulated at least 6000 for 2 bots to create a battle bot.

How do we know how many points each of our bots has?

Thx, Annie

Lost Bot

I didn’t know you had to box your bot before taking them into inventory. I took my Spitfire Ying-Yang into my inventory and rezzed it back out and it disappeared. A friend told me it would show up on the web page as missing and I can get it back from there but so far it’s not showing missing. How can I get it back?

New OvO Gold Bots are very cool

Little egg alien strutting in a golden Egg… Got to love it.

Posted on January 18, 2017, 3:18 am By
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Display crate D Fly Cobalt Display crate Ted e Cobalt Display crate BoB Cobalt Display crate Slither Cobalt Display crate KegBert Cobalt Display crate RazorByte Gold Display crate Spyda2 Gold Display crate Ham e Display crate MeerBot Rasta Display crate Toonz Mega Zomb Display crate Eve Onyx Display crate Flutter Spooked Display crate OctoPod inferno

My Bots

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We will soon be opening a silent auction and community forum.
Were we can gather , talk bots and bid.

Visit the store , silent auction will be on the roof.
We will keep you posted as to the schedule.

Blue Fusion Buildables is Back !

Ridley Piers and his wife Sydney are back  and have reopened Blue Fusion Buildables .

The one and only original  Blue Fusion is back and we have rental stalls, Bid boards / Auction boards and more coming soon !

Come check out our new location here:



Magic Roboz Auctions 1 PM SL TIME

**the oldest auctions buildables**(2014)

-every wednesday and sunday at 1 pm sl time (PDT) or 22h00 french time, we have 38 stall just for, the best of the best with a lot of news bot, come and visit my place



**la premiere sim d’auctions buildables** (2014)

tous les mercredi et dimanche a 1 pm sl time (PDT) ou 22 heures francaises, nous vous proposons 38 stalles avec le top des robots, des nouveautés, venez voir et amusez vous


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