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A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa Shane,

what I would love to see as gifts under the christmas tree, are:

– Vertical roaming (for flying/swimming robots)

– A choosable pathfinding mode

– A sleep mode (or at least roaming = 0 for doing pictures)

Cheers, your Miyu


Bot Suggestions

id love to see a Sphynx and Bastet and egyptian style bots.

Idea: Sleeping Mode

I watched the script time of the bots per estate menu a while. Some bots rise in script time significant when having their ‘special movement actions’. When many bots run around, script time could become an issue maybe.

So maybe it would be an idea to have a kind of ‘sleeping option’, which one can either choose per menu or which gets activated when no avatars are around – and which disables all movements of the bots when in ‘sleeping mode’.

(but collecting metals should not stopped then)

That could help to find more acceptance  of the sim owners when having many buildables)

🙂 Miyu

Suggestion for retired Bots

It would be nice if one could set hover text to off for retired bots – as that pink “retired… ” text does’nt look very nice.

Just an idea …



(and thanks for the new site)


If you have any suggestions for improvements the the buildables please post them here. 🙂

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