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broken pod

My Buildables Mega Pod (Gems)(25) v2.21 started a build, yet never finished several days ago. When I try to do a build my pod gives me this message: [15:38] Pod 2: This pod is already in use!!
Is there anyway to fix this issue? I only have 2 builds left on it, but would like to actually use these builds.

Posted on October 9, 2018, 10:45 pm By
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Very Dead Bot

My bot won’t bring up menu to repair. and it won’t go through portal because it’s dead, due to lake of oil (now 0).

Any other ideas? They need the medibot to have a repair on its menu and an option to choose which robot to repair, in case of this kind of situation.

newbie needs a little advise

is there somewhere that would help me know how common my bots are and perhaps some idea on pricing the person i was doing this with is gone for i don’t know how long so could use a little help figuring things out   thank you for your time and consideration

Posted on November 21, 2016, 2:22 pm By
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XP & Levels Explained

All bots will gain XP when they get power or oil 1 XP per 25 power/oil bots will also gain xp if you build with them they will get 25 xp.   when a bots XP reaches 100 they will automatically level up and their xp will return to 0. for example

a level 3/5 bot with 80 xp is used to build another bot on the pod.

the bot will receive 25 xp.  so it will be 3/5 with 105 xp it will automatically level up to a 4/5 with 5 xp

same if a bot with 99 xp goes and gets oil it will then level up to next level.

once they reach their maximum level xp will stop at 100 and the bot cannot increase any more levels

the level text on the bot 7 /  7 means

current level  7 / Maximum level 7

hope this clears a few things up for some people.



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