Curent version for Emilac is V2.11

current version for SL is V2.11




FIX: script not running in GEMS

if you have any gems rezzed from 2.1 just delete them they will not work.



Crushinator points based recycle system coming soon expected 1/5/2016

recycle for points and buy what you want including pods.


BETA TEST v2.1    with auto update crate

bots are now phantom

bots animations go inactive when there is no one on the sim.

bot can now rez GEMS when they have 100% Gold.

Gems connot be collected yet. (coming soon)

there will be 6 different Gems. if you collect a whole set they will be able to be added to a new pod  (under construction) and will give every build on that bot 2000 extra build score

More efficient code less script time.



partial menu FIX

Blocked pod: bots will timeout and get their full menu back but remain on the pod

please click the pod and resend the same bat back to it.



Latest Buildables version  is 2.03

please update all buildables to this version  for best performance.


update version 2.02


please do not use this version.


update version 2.0

Stable Release


update version 1.9


please do not use this version


update version 1.8

In this update:

The option to have your bot/s follow you whilst mining.

A owner repair option for use in conjunction with a medibot

(if you have a dead bot, a bot that wont refuel or a bot that’s just stuck on a pod then rez out a medibot,

click repair on your ill bot to have it completely reset, as good as new).

New stats layout with speed level of mining per bot ( currently all Gold bots will mine at level 2 which is roughly 20% faster than normal ).

Set Home works along the Z plane now for placing your bots at different heights without having to crate.

Battle bots now show fights left in the display crate hover text.

New release of the pod system will only work with V1.8 display crates & bots.

Old grey crates are no longer available.

Unlimited Oil & Power package includes all 3 size options.

Starter pack now comes with 10X display crates.


update to the buildables system is version 1.7

in this update:

added: ability for new bots to have multiple particle effects for their animations

removed: voice chat option the service it was using is no longer available


Do you need to update?

NO at moment the only bot that takes advantage of this update is the new “Cammy” bot. so there is no need to go and update every bot you have.

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