New Bots

Joover Rasta 1/50 Found this bot roaming around in my friends place, all day long he did nothing but clean up his weed to the point he actually produces weed now. Limited to only 50 this little guy is sure to make you relax and smile. Have fun people.

Eve Fairy Mini Gold 1/100 What can i say that can’t be seen? She’s simply beautiful, tiny and the cutest little fairy around…. solid gold so enjoy and good luck building her as she’s very special.

Kit-E Emerald is a real gem but be carefull when he sees you giving more attention to your other bots, he’s very jealous and has been known to sabotage other bots. Have fun, stay safe and we hope you like him.

Bun- E Surprise 1/50 Easter special

Following his friends around and laughing at how many eggs they dropped, Bun-E Kit found himself playing with the brightly coloured eggs that kept falling, rolling them around, kicking them and jumping all over them, you know, well one day he played just a little too hard and broke an egg, as it broke it flipped over him covering his whole body and when he stood up, there it was, on his head there sat the top part of the egg, OvO laughed soo hard his fried egg flopped on top of poor Bun-E Kit and there it laid so to hide his shame he asked me to help. I got to work right away creating something both stylish and functional, this brought forfth what you see today in this limited edition version of Bun-E Kit in an egg he broke while acting the fool. Happy Easter everyone. 🙂

So the eternal question is still unanswered, which came first? the Cluck-E or the OvO? A world shortage on eggs has lead to our government reaching out to me for a solution and i have answered. For a long time i have pondered the thought of bringing a chicken into the Buildables fold, back in 2008 a script was made that would see the first chicken and egg breedable so i wondered if it would be a good idea, well thanks to Frizzzy PoP Menace (Frizzz Resident), a new user for giving me the push i needed to “get it done”.

ChocoBot Black Velvet

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to let your friends know how special they are. Buildables wants to let you all know that you are special friends.

2D-E Gold

Oooh, shiny new and worth a billion.

HawkEye Ruby

Been a while since we’ve seen a new texture on this eye in the sky.

It’s just Prey

Prey, the mantis robot armed with the sharpest weaponry you can find and a keen hunting instinct for finding anything that has a pulse is the latest defensive robot in the our arsenal. Simply designed for one purpose, protect…. no matter what!

Eve Fairy Crystal

She’s cute! she’s dangerous ! she’s a fairy with crystal wings stolen, i mean borrowed from Steed Pegacorn.

Thankyou to our wonderful CSR Miyu Tatham for this suggestion.

Welcome to Dice-E. In my mind i went to Las Vegas, as you do, while i was there i played sooooo many dice related games. There’s something great about that feel of the cubes rolling around in my hand, hearing them clink together and letting them fly from my hand into fates hands and wow what a feeling it is when you get what you want from the throw. I did quite well and crawled back to my couch in my workshop around 2am filled with ideas and a muse whizzing around my mind. What happened later that night was a shock to me, a shock to anyone. I woke, as i do each day, luckily lol and it was much like every other day, i’m sure you can all relate well i went through my routine and went downstairs *clink clink clack clack clinkity clink*, “what’s that sound?” i simply thought i was still hearing the dice from last night so dismissed it right away, went to the coffee machine and started to make it when i heard servos behind me, “is that you Rolly?” i asked, *bzzz click bzzz* as i turned to face what i thought was a wandering Rolly i was greeted with this funny looking robot, “oh dear, where did you come from?”  he was wearing the Buildables logo, had my feel to him but something was different, something was really weird, he couldn’t move without rolling his dice, his every choice was decided by that roll. I watched him looking around, i could see him making rolls then moving, it was so funny but hey, robots can be and they each have a personality all their own so who am i to judge right 🙂 So short story long, it turns out from the video footage from my security that i actually made him in my sleep, yeah i know right? this explains his goofy look and that fact he uses chance to decide his moves is pretty cool too. We hope you enjoy this all new robot and he makes you smile, just like he does me.

Happy New Year to you all, from all of us at Buildables.

To mark this new year i have chosen Tauron as this is the Chinese year of the Oxen, i have tried to cover him in a traditional red and white pattern and given his horn a remake. Let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020. This Tauron is the last of the level 21’s so watch this space for the new bots coming out soon into level 22.

Christmas is close at hand and it’s been a long time since anyone gave the RetroBot series some love so here he is with a fresh new paintjob, just in time for the festive period. We hope you enjoy RetroBot Santa and grab hime while you can as he’s limited to only 100.

Congratulations to GataDoida Ghost on winning the TriTop Mega Ruby Competition, here’s the bot she chose.

First to make this bot gets to have a bot and wrap of their choice from the existing line up made.

This is the next instalment of hybrid Buildables.

It’s Halloween 2020 and the Blue Moon is clearly visible in the sky, this is the night i actually witnessed a miracle.

As with most nights, i’m in my workshop, working on Buildables, this night was no different. I decided to see what i could do with the Steed Pegasus. There i was, tired, covered in oil ready to install a new wing design, now when i am working on the bots i have to have them active so i can get some feedback, working with such voltages is dangerous, i would would rather get it right first time than get a nasty jolt. “Steed, tell me if you feel this.” *Bzzz click tzz tzz* “ok Bill” said Steed Pegasus, “right i’m going to plug it in now, you might feel a little weird but it wont last” *Shhhht Clunk* “Bill….. it seems to be functional, stand back while i extend.” As he extended his new wings the light from the moon hit me, “Steed look at this” looking out over the porch we saw lights falling from the sky under the Blue Moon, “let’s go check it out” i said, “jump on my back Bill” said Steed. Soaring through the night sky we headed toward the lights, as we got closer they became clearer, “are they crystals?”, “affirmative Bill”, “shall we move in for a closer look?”. My curiosity getting the better forced us closer, “hey buddy take a look, they’re smoking, what is that?” Steed Pegasus being the protector he is sensed something was wrong, “BILLLL, step back NOW!!”, there was a loud crack from one of the blue crystals that had stuck into the ground, a cloud of brightly coloured smoke filled the air around us, it was amazing but i had no idea of how dangerous it was, “Bill, get behind my wing quickly!” with that, there was flashes of light and intense heat, so transfixed with what was going on, i totally missed that Steed Pegasus had fallen onto his knees, horrified, i realised that the explosion had done something to him, he started to change texture, he was becoming more crystalline by the second. “Talk to me Steed, say something.” but there was nothing. The only thing i could think of was calling for a Steed Unicorn, these are known for there rare ability to heal so this had to be the way to go. There she was, beautiful and elegant, “Bill, what happened?” she said, i explained what had happened, she asked me to stand clear as she moved close to Pegasus, i had never seen one heal and as i understand it, it’s reserved for truly heroic acts, this qualified. As we carried him back to the workshop she whispered to me, “his recovery will be fast, you must watch him, this transformation cannot be stopped but he will survive, i must go now” with that she vanished. I never saw that Unicorn again and have never been more thankful to any of the Buildables in my life. Remember, once in a Blue Moon there is that rare being willing to go the extra mile.

Jack-O-Vid is our attempt to mix the current pandemic with some light hearted humour for Halloween. We hope you enjoy 🙂


10/09/2020 Sadly passed away after a long fight with cancer.

He passed with loved ones at home.

When someone dies i imagine they want to let their loved ones know they’re ok, they want to send a sign and that sign can manifest itself in many forms, one of those being a butterfly. I chose this Flutter for it’s bright cheerful colours and its rarity, just like Markcus.

You will be missed, rest in peace.

Eve Battle was lost to the seas, Vyper Battle had lost not only his sparring partner but his one true love, his CPU was broken, he spent night after night searching the dark murky waters around HQ but alas, he found nothing but failure. What i didn’t mention is in the 3 months when i was looking for Eve Battle, i needed help, who else knew Eve Battle as well as i? the answer to me was simple, Vyper Battle knew her better than most, of course i knew of their relationship, i knew they had a connection and when i saw how hard it hit him i just had to have him on my team. At first he was reluctant to help, kept saying she’s lost, all is lost and what’s the point but i explained, Eve Battle is no ordinary bot, she is stronger than others think, strong enough to stay alive long enough for us to find her, he agreed but asked, if she’s still alive, why can’t i connect?, our frequencies were tied but i feel nothing, i feel nothing but silence. This didn’t concerned me, i had faith that together we could find her so with that we set off on our journey. 2 months had passed and we had found nothing, well nothing but a trail of oil leading nowhere it would seem, i could see Vyper was getting desperate, i would catch him talking to himself, blaming himself until one afternoon, it was a clear day, only a few ripples covered the seas as we looked out for something, anything to give us a sign and there it was, a glint of light, only for a second but it was long enough, you see we knew that the Aliens had taken her and they’d used Sonar to do so but the seas were vast and deep, i recognised the periscope of Sonar immediately, shouting out aloud “Vyper i see Sonar!” with that he leapt into the sea and was gone, i saw his lights for a short time but then they were gone, i kept shouting for him to come back, we needed to make a plan, we needed to know for sure where their base is but Vyper was always impulsive and the first to join a fight, for his love?, there was no question he would fight. I set a heading toward the last known sighting of the Sonar and Vyper but found nothing, in 2 short months i had lost 2 of my children. It’s 1 month after the return of Eve as Eve Mermaid, thinking we had lost Vyper forever we tried to carry on but always feeling that part of us was missing and hoping the feeling of loss would ease. Eve Mermaid spent hours everyday searching the deep waters, asking the wildlife if they had seen him, always the same answer “no sorry we have seen nothing Eve”. I had set up beacons around HQ and out for miles, if anything with his signature got within 1 mile of those beacons i would know. The time is precisely 10pm SLT, all is quiet and i’m running through my daily checks when i hear a beacon, i thought “i must be dreaming” but there it was again… ping!!!!!, Eve looked at me and whispered, “it’s going to be OK, i feel him, he’s near but i must go now, do not worry.” She’s fast bot, so fast i lost sight of her within seconds, so anxiously i waited. This was the longest 20 minutes of my life but then, in the distance i saw her carrying him, his apparently lifeless body draped over her arms as she swam to shore, “quick!” she shouted “he’s barely got any power and his oil is dangerously low”, i quickly grabbed some premium oil, hooked up the tesla and sent out Medibot to help keep him on life support. He looked like Vyper but also not, he was changed in the same way Eve had been but why was he in such a bad way? Eve returned fine. We got him hooked up and loaded with oil, “now we wait” i said as we all looked over Vyper willing him to be ok. I ran the backup program for his AI to see if i could restore motor functions, this took around 5 minutes and then just when we had started to lose all hope, Bzz beep beep dzzzt…… i couldn’t find my breath as i watched Vyper raise his head, look around the room and softly say “Eve? is that you?” . Welcome unto the fold Vyper Merman 1/100.

This is a story of a broken, beaten and utterly defeated Eve Battle lost to the waters near Buildables HQ. So many wins under her belt, Eve battle was on top of the world, celebrating every night with a high grade mineral oil and the cleanest sparks money can buy. Eve battle, always up for a fight and never backed down finally met her match in the ring and fell in the 3rd round after a crushing hook sent her over the ropes and into the crowd, everyone, including myself thought she was done, leaking fluids and barely able to move she faded away, we thought, OK let’s recycle her, maybe get something cool? you never know what you’ll get right, dragging her to the recycler we were ambushed by aliens travelling in a group of Sonars, we stood no chance, there was just too many. 3 Months had gone by and to be honest we didn’t even give her a second thought but then i heard this singing while working on *&!!@@ 🙂 i was hypnotised by it, drawn to the water i made my way to the shore and there, in the waves i saw her, Eve but she was different, not in a bad way, just changed somehow, curiously i swam out to take a closer look but didn’t realise how far i had gone, i was tired and started to sink into the dark waters, i had lost sight of Eve and started to panic, the worst thing i could do because i must have passed out, when i awoke i was in my workshop, laying on my couch, as i opened my eyes i saw this figure standing over me, it was Eve, she softly said be still and hummed a song that seemed to relax me, i asked her, “what’s going on Eve?” “you were gone!” she told me how all she remembered was being taken by the aliens so deep into the oceans, seeing things nobody had seen before until they turned off her CPU, when they reactivated her she looked like this, she could swim faster than anything, talk in any aquatic language and programmed with the ability to sing to anyone and ease their suffering with her song. I feel she should be in everyone’s collection but alas, she’s too special, so special that in fact i am making her a LE, 1/100 to be precise so if you want to be one of the lucky ones, get your pods out, get calculating what you need and start making your own Eve Mermaid.


Introducing Joover, cute little guy who likes to clean and modeled after the Hoover Junior of the 70’s and 80’s. I tired of cleaning up after all the parties, drunken brawls and general mayhem that goes on while i’m not looking and when you all go offline, i decided to make a helper, vacuum in a form i remember as a young man, Joover was born of my need for clean and my love of the simple machine they were. He’s remote controlled from my main hub and can clean indefinitely. Made from the finest plastic and the hardest steel, he will stand the test of time. I’ve been testing him for a while now and he’s performing to the highest standard so rest assured he’ll clean for you just as well.

2nd version of this very strange bot indeed.

SnaBo Gold Just in.


Introducing the latest wrap for some selected bots, be upstanding for EMOJI

Tweetie Released 5th April 2020 and can only be built over the follow 2 weeks up to 29th April 2020

Junker is made from parts of other robots, seems there was an altercation between Frank (scientist bot with brains and mech heart) and some of the other bots, not sure if you’re aware but when you cannot see them, when you log out, they gather, play games, chat, chug some premium oil, you know how it is 🙂 Well Frank being the brains tends to be on his own a lot, working on god knows what, always with his head in a book #evilplans. Last Thursday there was the weekly gathering at HQ, Frank, not looking where he was going accidentally bumped into Sluggo and spilt his oil, well everyone knows Sluggo the chuggo is called that for a reason, he’s a thirsty bot for sure, he demanded “Frank get me another and wipe this mess from my boots” Frank said nothing, from what i hear he just looked at Sluggo and walked off. Sluggo amazed that he would just walk away started making threats of recycling at Frank and rapidly gathered support in the form of Rolly MK1, Scorpimech Mega 2D-E and Rex. Everything after a while seemed to calm down until users started logging back in, usually there’s just a mad rush, well Sluggo and his now gang took this opportunity to teach Frank some manners, they followed him as he went somewhere quiet to use his built in teleport device, as Frank opened his chest Sluggo stomped him to the ground shouting “you clean my boots now Franky…. huh?” Rex started biting, Rolly was throwing punches here and there, not sure he knew what he was doing according to witness accounts, 2D-E stole parts he thought he might need to help repair himself and Scorpimech just stood there laughing snapping those huge claws. Sadly this lasted for a long time and poor Frank by the time i got there was barely functional, i went mental, “how dare you” i bellowed, “you are designed to serve users not your own needs for revenge and blood lust” well i have to say, this was not my proudest moment as i had lost my temper. With a press of a key i deactivated all those involved, took Rex’s head, Rollys joints, Scorpimechs body and claw, 2D-e’s arms and threw them all together but one vital part was missing, the eyes, the eyes were all that was left functional on the crushed Frank so i gently placed them into Rex’s head, when it was done i took a deep breathe and exhaled slowly, the realisation of what i had just creation hit me, like wow the heart and soul of the fallen Frank driving his foes was quite poetic. I hope you will care for him as all bots deserve because remember when you’re not looking, these little guys come alive. This was an isolated incident, all code that caused this obvious malfunction has been patched and we assure you this will not affect your experience.

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